Collection: Janice Leonard: Storied Times

“During the past couple of years we have found nature as solace, time as surreal.

I am a storyteller and a diary keeper. My paintings are fairytale imaginings of time past and present, experienced in the familiarity of my ancestral home, Paradise, Nova Scotia.

My work is informed by iPhone photos and the romanticism and symbolism of 19th century landscape paintings. The technical manipulation of light to create mood in film and photos parallels the intent of these earlier artists.

Atmosphere and light are metaphors for looming events and transcendence of place.  Rivers, streams and paths reflect the continuity of time and trees speak to life.”  

Anybody can understand that there is no point in being realistic about here and now, no use at all not any…there is no realism now, life is not real it is not earnest, it is strange which is an entirely different matter. ~ Gertrude Stein  

Renowned landscape painter Janice Leonard has been exhibiting at Studio 21 Fine Art since the 1980s. Educated at NSCAD University, her work has been shown at galleries across Atlantic Canada and is held in many local and national collections.  A large canvas hangs in the Nova Scotia Room at Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London. Other public collections holding her works include the Canada Council Art Bank, Nova Scotia Art Bank, Dalhousie Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

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