Collection: Joël Brodovsky-Adams: Pattern Party

Joël recently completed a 3 month residency in Denmark at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Centre where he created all of the pieces included in “Pattern Party”. These works were produced through experimentation with various clay bodies and firing techniques.  
“Using the power and familiarity of vessel forms in ceramics, I am exploring the collision of functional objects and subject matter rooted in pleasure, or that which is often deemed frivolous. I am interested in building visual narratives that reflect on queerness in the context of club and party culture, the ways in which ceramics can be used as a tool to record these experiences, and how this fits in to the broader ceramic tradition of vessels as tools for documentation. Clubs are a formative queer arena where hedonism and indulgence are at odds with their necessity as spaces to access community. This same tension is mirrored in objects that straddle the boundary between function and decoration. At the core of my work is a love for throwing. I am interested in the possibilities of thrown forms, and I am continually exploring mapping patterns and imagery onto the complex, three-dimensional surfaces of vessels. Ultimately, the subject of my work has served as a springboard into these broader formal questions surrounding ceramic tradition, surface and form.” 

Joël Brodovsky-Adams is a ceramicist originally from Winnipeg in Treaty 1 Territory. He recently completed a post-bachelors studio certificate at NSCAD University in Kjipuktuk/ Halifax and will begin an MFA in Ceramics at Alfred University in New York State in the fall.




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