Collection: Box Up!

Box Up! is Co-Adorn's sixth annual juried exhibition of Canadian art jewellery. The work in this exhibition relates to jewellery's special relationship to the box. Jewellery is gifted in a box, stored in a box, even shipped in a box. Jewellery is also displayed in a box and mounted to the walls of a gallery, often referred to as a “white box”.  The work in this exhibition explore ideas including confines, rules, gifts, surprises, blank slate, memories, secrets, security, and relocation.

Box Up! was juried by: Deborah Carver, Studio 21 Fine Art, Halifax, NS; Toni Losey, ceramic artist, Halifax, NS; Emily Lewis, Galerie Lewis & Jewellery Artist, Quebec, QC

Established in 2017, Co-Adorn Art Jewellery has grown to be a thriving, innovative network of Canadian jewellery artists working to build community through social events and exhibition opportunities.

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