Collection: Figures in the Landscape, A Collection of Memories

Figures in the Landscape, A Collection of Memories
May 10 to June 8, 2024

Sara Caracristi is known for high gloss, voyeuristic paintings, figures casting dreamy shadows on vacant ground. Figures in the Landscape, A collection of Memories, is a departure from these empty spaces into glimmering compositions that feel like vague snapshots of a shared past. The figures have a spectral quality, symbolizing the transitory nature of time and the evanescence of human life. As time passes and circumstances change, the landscape may remain relatively unchanged, yet the people who once occupied these spaces move on, leaving behind traces of their presence. In these instances, the landscape itself becomes a silent witness to the lives that once inhabited it.

"Whether it's through daily routines, leisure activities, or significant life events, we create links with these spaces that converts anonymous space into a place, creating memories that become a part of our own personal history and identity." Sara Caracristi