Collection: Alex Sutcliffe // Whisper Networks

June 14 - July 13, 2024

Alex Sutcliffe creates artwork exploring the unique tensions characterizing visual culture today; focusing on the illusionary qualities of painting through the tactile effects of color, texture, and layering processes. Each surface playfully shifts between hand-painted and mechanical interventions, blurring any distinctions between layers of production involved in the work. The use of copies, symbols, and illusions forge intricate connections between the shared attributes of painting and the ever-expanding universe of technical interventions that dominate our contemporary reality. The physical texture and layers of the works serve as an important counterpoint to the sleek, flat surfaces of the digital screens employed in their creation. Through an artful and spontaneous fusion of both digital and analog forms, each piece offers insight into the accelerating pace of image creation and consumption that defines our time.

Included in this exhibition are paintings from both of Sutcliffe's current explorations; Figurative Fragments Series and Looking Glass Series