SEP 17 2021 – OCT 13 2021

View the artwork:
Atticus Gordon  |  Megan Kyak-Monteith  |  Alex Sutcliffe

Re:newall is an exhibition of works by emerging artists Atticus Gordon, Megan Kyak-Monteith and Alex Sutcliffe. Beginning as a socially-distanced collaborative effort amidst the second wave of the pandemic, Atticus Gordon (BFA University of Ottawa, 2019), Megan Kyak-Monteith (BFA NSCAD University, 2019) and Alex Sutcliffe (BFA NSCAD University, 2019) explore the construction of meaning and narrative through painting. Positioned between the Gen Z and Millennial generations, each artist looks to represent their experience, and community, through traditional and experimental methods.

Atticus Gordon’s playful paintings toy with the construction of meaning. His works explore the potential of painting’s material and narrative qualities. Gordon’s paintings grow from digital collages of iPhone and internet imagery. His family, friends and environment inform his works as a way to understand and reflect on his time and place.

Megan Kyak-Monteith's paintings combine personal and Inuit community history. Her practice is characterized by fluid, distant childhood experiences that are reconstructed throughout her process. Monteith’s work observes Inuit subsistence hunting and diaspora, drawing from a rich experience of childhood memories growing up in Nunavut and Nova Scotia. The pastoral depictions of her adolescence are saturated with exaggerations of scale and atmosphere, and much like with any memory, they are never exactly accurate to what is recalled.

Alex Sutcliffe’s recent paintings visualize artificial spaces which are constructed and then rendered using open-source 3D computer graphics software. This process is influenced by a rich painting tradition of building maquettes and still lifes to inform paintings. These renderings explore the idea of painting as a culturally constructed visual language transformed by digital interfaces.