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Light Tartans

Published Nov 15 2021

SEP 17 2021 – OCT 13 2021

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Vicki DaSilva

Light Tartans is a new series of single frame time exposure light painting photographs that utilizes four-foot fluorescent lamps patterned with color cellophane filters to create hand drawn Tartan designs with light.

"Through the camera’s time exposure process of recording that is unique to photography, I use fluorescent tube lamps, often patterned with colored cellophane filters, to manually draw and create light paintings, and various sized and shaped fluorescent lamps to write light graffiti text based work. These light painting and light graffiti photographs are produced on location, either outside at night or in darkened interior spaces. My practice is a time-based art form anchored in the photographic process while incorporating performance, intervention, activism and public art.
Working at night or in the dark has its own set of parameters and drawing with light is a mysterious and intriguing type of challenge. The fact that the work is non-invasive, leaves no physical trace of having existed, is not only enticing but also fundamental for me. This work allows me to tap into the creative awareness of artistic practice and social activism. Sharing the images and videos online is a form of solidarity and protest.
Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the sharing of digital artworks in the moment of crisis is more relevant than ever in our collective activism, community support and personal artistic freedom."
~Vicki DaSilva