Collection: Alex Sutcliffe: Modal Strata

Alex Sutcliffe navigates a dynamic interplay between evocative painterly traits, rich historical allusions, and innovative digital forms, accentuating the stark contrast between each layer of production involved in the work. A deft combination of copies, symbols, and illusion, forges intricate connections between the shared attributes of painting's storied past and the ever-expanding universe of digital screens that dominate our contemporary reality.

The physical texture and layers of the works serve as an important counterpoint to the sleek, flat surfaces of the digital screens employed in their creation. Through an artful and spontaneous fusion of both digital and analog forms, each piece offers insight on the accelerating pace of image creation and consumption that defines our current world.

Sutcliffe is an emerging artist in Nova Scotia who received a BFA at NSCAD in 2020 and whose work has been acknowledged by a variety of awards including 2022 Canada Council for the Arts Concept to Realization Grant, 2021 Canada Council for the Arts Research and Creation Grant, and the Bank of Montréal’s 2020 1st Art! award.

Alex would like to acknowledge the support of Canada Council in the production of this work.